Sit Back And Indulge; 9bar Launches Cocoa Indulge Range

Struggling to find a satisfying alternative to a chocolate snack? Luckily, 9bar, the healthy snacking experts have launched a deliciously rich, *NEW* Indulge selection, the perfect treat to keep your sweet tooth satisfied.

9bar's debut range of utterly indulgent bars are made oddly nutritious through the power of mixed seeds so you can snack on a treat safe in the knowledge that it is  packed full of nothing but goodness. Nutritious sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and hemp seeds help to deliver slow release energy and Omega 3 to keep your body in tip-top condition. Whether you're in the office, hitting the gym or just putting your feet up in front of the TV, having a gluten-free 9bar Indulge handy will help keep hunger pangs at bay. Don't wait around, swap your processed sugar-packed milk chocolate bars for 9bar's nutritious but delicious, new range.

Snacking on a chocolate bar can often leave you looking for the next thing to nibble on. The new 9bar Indulge range, with a blend of rich cocoa, mixed seeds and your choice of either Hazelnut or Raspberry, is a deliciously filling snack bar with all the indulgence of a chocolatey treat. Available in a 40g bar, it's the perfect sized sweet treat.

Indulge in very-berry goodness

Try: 9bar Cocoa & Raspberry

Get a vitamin C boost from the real raspberries in 9bar Indulge Cocoa & Raspberry. Rich chocolate and zingy raspberries are paired perfectly in this delicious fruity bar, making it the ideal afternoon snack. Pop a 9bar Cocoa & Raspberry in your handbag and enjoy all the health benefits of seeds and fruit with a rich chocolate taste.

Go choco-nuts!

Try: 9bar Cocoa & Hazelnut

This classic combination with a healthy twist is sure to appeal to many a nut enthusiast. With a perfect balance of sweet and savoury, 9bar Cocoa & Hazelnut combines nutrient packed seeds and nuts with tempting chocolate for a truly indulgent snacking experience.

The new 9bar Indulge range is available in select Tesco stores nationwide. RRP £1.90 for 4x40g bars. Visit for more information.


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