Sweets Made Simple: New BBC Show Tipped As “Next Great British Bake Off” Highlights Trend For Handmade And Small Batch Sweets

Online food and drink marketplace Yumbles.com says new BBC Two show Sweets Made Simple – tipped by pundits as “the next Great British Bake Off” – is the latest sign that Brits are switching to handmade, traditional and small batch sweets instead of standard supermarket fayre.

The first episode starring celebrity confectioners Kitty Hope and Mark Greenwood aired at 8.30pm on Friday, and aims to inspire sweet-toothed viewers to try making sweets at home.

Katie Kitiri, founder of online food and drink marketplace Yumbles.com says the number of people looking for sweet treats such as handmade gourmet marshmallows, artisan chocolates and fudge has grown steadily this year.

Katie suggests the increase in demand for traditional and handmade confectionery is linked to three key trends:

 -       Interest in traditional activities such as baking and crafting continues to grow, but the reality of busy lifestyles means many people don't have the time or energy to participate at home

 -       More and more people are choosing to buy directly from small businesses who use high quality, natural ingredients, rather than supermarkets and high street chains

-       A general move towards a more healthy lifestyle means some people are cutting down on the amount of chocolate and sweets they consume, but want to enjoy something truly special and satisfying when they do occasionally indulge

Where to buy

For handmade and small batch confectionery made by the UK's most exciting indie producers, go to Yumbles.com. The innovative range includes gourmet marshmallows, artisan sweets, Turkish Delight, handmade chocolates, macarons, brownies and cakes.


Yumbles.com founder Katie Kitiri says: “Handmade is more than a trend, it's a lifestyle. We're catering for people who enjoy food and drink that's made with love – but don't necessarily have the time to create it for themselves.”

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