Media Scholarship Announced for Gastronomic Tourism Program

Food, wine and tourism media are being offered a dedicated scholarship to study the Le Cordon Bleu Master of Gastronomic Tourism.

A program designed for those with a passion for gastronomy and tourism, studying this program gives students a chance to enrich their understanding of traditional and local foodways, help revitalise and build regional food cultures, gain insights into the economic and social impacts of tourism and adopt a more conscious approach to eating and drinking.

The Le Cordon Bleu Master of Gastronomic Tourism does this by employing a wide variety of topics, embracing humanities, social sciences, business and communication. The course explores everything from gastronomic history and taste cultures to event planning, design, management, innovative marketing and food writing.

Delivered fully online, the large team of highly experienced teaching staff take advantage of Le Cordon Bleu's expertise in gastronomy, as well as Southern Cross University's acknowledged leadership in tourism and hospitality education, to offer this unique degree.

The Media Scholarship

A tuition scholarship (valued at $5000) will be awarded annually to an outstanding media professional to undertake two units from the Le Cordon Bleu Master of Gastronomic Tourism program.

Who can apply?

This scholarship is open to all media and communication professionals who are currently working or have worked in food, wine or the travel media industries in some capacity in the past six (6) months. This includes (but is not limited to) food writers, bloggers, journalists, communications executives, editors, copy writers and digital media professionals.


Applications will close on Friday 31 October 2014.

For more details visit, or contact

For information on Le Cordon Bleu, please contact or (08) 8348 3038.


Le Cordon Bleu is world renowned for their dedication to providing the highest level of culinary and hospitality education, through world class programs.

Le Cordon Bleu combines innovation and creativity with tradition, through Bachelor's and Master's degrees that focus on the demands of a growing international hospitality industry.

Le Cordon Bleu prides itself on distinctive teaching methodology, where students gain experience through hands-on learning.

Our cuisine and pâtisserie programs preserve, and pass on, the mastery and appreciation of the culinary arts at the heart of French gastronomy for over 500 years.


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