The Cotswolds Distillery Is One Step Closer To Distilling With The Commissioning Of Their Boiler And Bottling Line

For the commission, the boiler was filled with water, the boiler turned up and the pressure tested whilst a steady stream of steam arose from the chimney. Not only was the boiler tested, but the stills underwent their first water tests. As part of the boiler commissioning, the spirit still with water and steam pumped into the pipes within. Most modern stills use steam to heat their contents due to the increased efficiency of the system. It is so efficient that the contents of the Cotswolds Distillery's 2,400l water-filled spirit still started boiling in less than 20 minutes.

Owner Dan Szor comments, “The next stage towards getting the stills commissioned is to finish plumbing in the cooling tower before running a full water distillation test. This is scheduled for September 1st so excitement levels are high as we can finally see the end of the building works and the start of being able to distil our spirits.”

This weekend also saw the commissioning of the distillery's bottling line, where bottles will be filled (with water), corked, capsuled and labelled to smooth out any kinks. On the 19th September the distillery plan to complete a full bottling run using their finalised Cotswolds Dry Gin Inaugural Release. Bottles will be available direct from the distillery's onsite shop and online with an RRP of £33 for 70cl.

Sales and distribution will focus initially on the gin (from September 2014). The distillery will work with local and national distributors, and also drive export sales. Cotswolds Single-Malt Whisky is available to pre-order now at and has already seen a substantial interest.


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