What About Breakfast At Tiffany's…Well, Almost….

THERE can be few modern day young women who haven't dreamed of opening a special turquoise coloured jewellery box from the iconic brand, Tiffany's.

Certainly Aaron Nicholls, from Ireland, believed his beloved girlfriend, Aoife Loughran, would want nothing less when it came to asking her that all important question about their future together.

But, rather than purchase a Tiffany's engagement ring in its usual sized box, Aaron took creativity a step further, and tasked Jane Asher Party Cakes with creating him a replica ring-box cake, in which he could place that sparkling jewel.

Having met in Ireland six years ago, the loved-up couple, who are both 29, have been living and working in London for two years.

Settled in a home in Wembley, and with the pair both enjoying their respective jobs as a schoolteacher and as a joiner, Aaron knew the time was right to pop the question on the morning of his girlfriend's birthday – and he was certainly determined to do it in style.

“I've always gone on to Aaron about Tiffany's and have dragged him stores in different places in the world as long as we've been together,” says Aoife.

“When we lived in Sydney I used to pull him into the Tiffany's shop all the time – just to look at the counters full of jewellery.”

But while Aaron knew a Tiffany's ring was at this stage out of his budget, he wasn't going to let that step in the way of romance.

“He decided he'd find a cake company who could produce the perfect replica Tiffany's cake box, so that he could present it to me, containing a stunning ring he'd managed to find,” added Aoife.

“On the morning of my birthday, at breakfast time, he told me to keep my eyes closed as he took me through to the kitchen and then got down on one knee with the cake.

“It was so romantic and thoughtful – and so unexpected. I honestly didn't know whether to cry or laugh with happiness. It took me a few minutes to take it all in before I could say a word.”
The word Aoife eventually found – thankfully – was a delighted Yes, and now the pair are already preparing their wedding ceremony for back in Omagh in the summer of 2015.

“We're both so incredibly grateful to Jane Asher Party Cakes for what they did to produce something so amazing,” said Aoife, who works in Ealing.

“They took Aaron's sketched idea and made it into something every bit as wonderful as he could ever have imagined, and to me it made the proposal even better.

We certainly want to use them for our wedding cake!”

Jane Asher Party Cakes is no stranger to creating some unusual and bespoke requests for wedding proposals.

David Trumper, who manages the Cale Street store in Chelsea, said: “Over the 25 years of our cake business we've made pretty much every kind of design you can imagine.

“We pride ourselves on sitting down with a customer and making sure we've fully understood what it is they as an individual want to achieve. Clearly we seem to have achieved that for Aoife and Aaron and we wish them every happiness.”

Meanwhile, Aoife confirms the cake is 'too beautiful' to contemplate eating and is currently remaining a work-of-art to be looked at, rather than devoured, for a few more days yet!


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