120 Delicious and Nourishing Recipes for Energy and Good Health

Australiaʼs favourite chef and host of My Kitchen Rules, Pete Evans, loves to nourish hisbody with fresh, healthy food. Food that not only tastes delicious, but also leaves youfeeling great by providing all of the most important nutrients and avoiding empty carbs andbad fats.

In Healthy Every Day, Pete shares his favourite recipes for good health and vitality.Inspired by a ʻpaleoʼ way of eating, these are the meals he cooks for his family featuringloads of fresh veggies, nuts and seeds, sustainable seafood and meat, and free of gluten,sugar and dairy. There are no recipes for potato chips in here, but you will find one forcrispy Kale Chips that will satisfy you and give you a hit of iron, calcium and antioxidantsat the same time. And instead of the usual fatty and non-nutritious burger and fries, thereʼsa Burger with the Lot that is full of flavour but wonʼt leave you feeling bloated and sluggish.

Drawing on his love of the cuisines of Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam and Morocco, he showsyou how to make lighter, healthier versions of your favourite breakfasts, salads, curriesand burgers. Pete has also been inspired by the fermented food of Korea and Japan, andhas included a chapter that shows you how to create your own Kimchi and other deliciousfermented dishes, like Summer Kraut with Pineapple and Mint. And while you wonʼt findany sugar in this book, there are some delicious gluten- and dairy-free treats, such asYoung Coconut Ice Cream and Raspberry Mousse Cheesecakes.

Healthy Every Day makes it easy to change the way you cook and eat, inspiring you tocreate delicious meals that will make you feel (and look!) fantastic.

PETE EVANS is an award-winning chef, restaurateur, author, health coach, TV presenter,adventurer seeker and father. Born in Melbourne and raised on Australiaʼs Gold Coast,Pete Evans is a true blue Australian with a strong passion for fresh food, surfing andfishing. Heʼs one of Australiaʼs leading authorities on healthy cooking and is dedicated toimproving peopleʼs lives through education about nutritional food and wellness. Pete is cohostof Channel 7ʼs hugely successful show My Kitchen Rules.

PETE EVANS Healthy Every Day
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