Master Turkish Mezze At Honesty Cookery School

Berkshire’s newest cookery school, Honesty, is delighted to announce its ‘Master Turkish Mezze’ course which will be taught by Ozlem Graves, on Thursday 22nd May 2014, from 10.45am – 2.00pm in North Sydmonton, Newbury. The course costs, £30.00 pp, which includes lunch. With its fresh, light ingredients, Turkish mezze is the perfect food for summer and makes a great lunch or dinner party starter.  Attendees on this course can forget tubs of supermarket hummus, they will be armed with the skills to prepare the real thing; and the desire to do so!

During the course, which includes a delicious lunch, Ozlem Graves will introduce cookery students to her passion for all things Turkish.  Attendees will learn how to master Turkish mezze in a relaxed and friendly environment, where they will meet others who share their interests and grow their understanding of food and cookery together.

Founded by award-winning cookery author, Romilla Arber, Honesty Cookery School provides a wide range of courses to suit complete novices to accomplished cooks and has even designed a series of courses for children and teens, to encourage them to develop their cookery skills and learn how to make meals from scratch.

Honesty Cookery School is part of the Honesty Group. The objectives of Honesty are to enable all children to have access to quality food; to educate them and their parents about food and its importance to helping them thrive academically and to educate schools and those responsible for children's nutrition.

“Our mission statement is ‘Honesty-the only policy when it comes to food" because we fundamentally believe that children and adults should be eating meals made from only real ingredients and cooked from scratch at home. At Honesty, we’re teaching the cooking skills required by parents and children, so that they can cook delicious and nutritious meals for their families.” Comments Romilla Arber, co-founder of Honesty Group.

10% of funds from the Honesty Cookery School is donated to the Food Education Trust ( (FET). Established by Romilla Arber in 2008, FET seeks to promote the benefits of a home cooked diet by working collaboratively with organisations and institutions.

To book a course at Honesty Cookery School, please call 01635 268 989 or email


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