Ambrette War On Waste Charity Dinners

“Waste Away” tasting menu transforms kitchen scraps into gourmet dishes

The award-winning Ambrette restaurants in Margate and Rye, hope to draw attention to the enormous amounts of edible food we waste in Britain, through two charity dinners.

Chef Patron Dev Biswal will create a gourmet 6-course tasting menu using ingredients commonly discarded by restaurants, supermarkets, butchers, fishmongers and domestic kitchens:  chicken skin, cauliflower stalks, coriander roots, fruit peelings, squeezed lemons, lamb’s head, fish heads, skate cheeks, beef trimmings and cheese crusts.

The special menu, costing £39.95, will be served in Rye on 17th August and again in Margate on 31st August.  Proceeds will be donated to provide humanitarian aid in South Sudan via the Red Cross.

The menu will feature Mouldy cheese soup; Crispy fried chicken skins marinated in mango, ginger and red chilli; Savoury panna cotta flavoured with cauliflower stalks; Fish head stew with summer vegetables;  Ambrette style meat pie with beef trimmings and coriander root; and Squeezed lemon posset with summer vegetable peelings cooked in fennel seeds and a sugar and cinnamon compote.

According to government figures, each year in Britain we discard £10bn worth of food – £480 per household.

Globally, up to 50 per cent of all food produced in the world is never consumed. In the developing world, wastage is the result of inefficient harvesting, poor storage and inadequate transportation. But in the west, “sloppy habits”, poor meal planning and a disconnection from food sources mean we simply just waste it.

Up to 30 per cent of fruit and vegetables grown in the UK are never harvested. Crops are rejected because of size or appearance, or ploughed back because of over-production.

As resident chef on the Channel Four TV series ‘Superscrimpers’, Biswal regularly shows viewers how to prepare gourmet meals on a budget using cheap ingredients, left overs and wild plants forged for free.

He has also highlighted the vast quantities of food wasted on a global scale in an interview with Positive News magazine:

“The goal is to create consciousness about food waste and donate proceeds raised from the “Waste Away” dinners to help alleviate the dreadful humanitarian situation in south Sudan,” said Biswal.

Last year The Ambrette’s various charitable activities raised over £5,000 for local and international causes.  Every Wednesday the Margate restaurant feeds around 25 homeless people at the Cliftonville Community Centre with a meat, vegetable and rice dish.

Details of the situation in South Sudan are on International Red Cross website at:

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