L'Anima Bar, London Celebrates 'Bellini Week'

Peach season runs from the end of May until mid-August and in celebration of this, L’Anima Bar will be launching an exclusive ‘Bellini Week’ when the fresh white peaches come in from Northern Italy’s Emilia Romagna region.

L’Anima Bar makes the ultimate bellini using fresh and perfectly ripe white peaches blended together with prosecco, following the traditional principle of leaving the soft rose skin on half of the peaches to give the long drink its unique taste and colour.

L’Anima Bar invites guests to sample this refreshing and quintessentially Italian cocktail, and learn how to make the perfect Bellini in style…

If you would like to come in to sample the perfect Bellini we would be delighted to book you in

Please contact Holly or Clementine at Ann Scott Associates on 0207 823 9988


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