California Prunes Return To The Cake And Bake Show As Official Sponsors October 2014

California Prunes will be the official sponsors at the Cake and Bake Show this October 3rd-5th in Earls Court, London, following on from the success and consumer enthusiasm received at the show in Manchester last March.

California prunes are taking to the stage this time around as official sponsors of the Competition Theatre, with California prunes becoming a key ingredient to all bakes featured on the stage. The versatility and quality of the product will be showcased to consumers as several celebrity bakers include it in their recipes.

The California Prunes’ Competition Theatre will be particularly special as, for the first time, all four winners from the entire series’ of the BBC's hit programme The Great British Bake Off - Edd Kimber (2010) Jo Wheatley (2011) John Whaite (2012) and Frances Quinn (2013) - will be competing against each other. Star judge from ITV's Britain's Best Bakery Peter Sidwell will also be on stage, giving visitors the chance to join him, and Eddie Spence MBE will be judging a cake contest.

The California prunes received much attention in March alongside ambassadors’ master chocolatier paul.a.young and the BBC’s Great British Bake Off most recent winner Frances Quinn. They had been so impressed with the taste and quality of California prunes, they were inspired to create their own recipes. Both celebrities demonstrated their own signature California prune bakes across all three stages in March, wowing consumers with the adaptability and delicious flavour of California prunes. Paul’s bake was so popular, it sold out across all four of his London stores in just one month.

“We were delighted at the amount of people who were trying a California prune for the first time – and loved it! Many remember prunes un-fondly as part of school dinners, but that just isn’t the case anymore.” says Esther Ritson-Elliott, California Prune Board’s European Marketing Director. “The older audiences were surprised at the deliciously sweet, caramel taste of a California prune and were instantly converted, whilst younger audiences were much more willing to give prunes a try.”

Not only are California prunes recognised as a high quality product, but recent research has proven that they contain many health benefits. Last year the California Prune Board drove the research that resulted in an EFSA approved health claim – the only whole, dried and natural product to receive such a claim – proving that prunes are beneficial to digestive health.

Most recently, California prunes announced that prune consumption does not undermine weight management, based on evidence from tests undertaken by the University of Liverpool. This received worldwide media attention, reaching millions of consumers in a matter of weeks.

California prunes will be welcoming a new ambassador for October’s Cake and Bake, but just who is joining them is being kept tightly under wraps – for now!

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