Romilla Arber Is Not A Celebrity Chef, Nor Is She A Former Model, But She's Putting Her Money Where Her Mouth Is When It Comes To Food Education!

Romilla Arber is neither a former model turned cook nor is she a celebrity chef with a number of restaurants and her own TV show.  Romilla Arber is an award-winning cookery writer and through her firm belief that good, home-cooked food should be what we eat, her charity The Food Education Trust has donated over £30,000 to schools and charities throughout the UK. Unlike many high profile chefs’, she has put her money where her mouth is!  Thousands of children and adults all over the UK from Newcastle Upon Tyne to Bristol, Poole, Essex, Berkshire and Leeds have reaped the benefits of the donations The Food Education Trust has made.

“I firmly believe that the UK’s obesity epidemic is partly down to the lack of food education and knowledge available in the UK. Many people up and down the UK lack basic cooking skills and simply open a box or packet and heat the contents for their dinner, not realizing what this is doing to their health. These processed foods are high in fat, sugar and salt and contain little or no nutritional value. I believe that people should be eating real food, not processed junk, labeled as food. I find it frustrating that not having celebrity status it is assumed that I don’t have an important contribution to make, I am passionate about people being able to cook meals from scratch made from real ingredients, so they can lead healthier lives.” Comments Romilla Arber. 

Cookery classes, complete with new cookery equipment are now taking place up and down the country thanks to The Food Education Trust. The classes are now more complex and children are learning how to make useful dishes that ensure that they come to appreciate the importance of a good diet. By giving children and adults the knowledge of how to prepare a main meal comprised of fresh ingredients, their confidence in the kitchen grows and their need to rely on processed food decreases.  In turn their diet improves as they are consuming actual food, not processed junk.

The charity is funded entirely by sales of Romilla Arber’s cookery books “What’s for Dinner?” and the award-winning “What’s for Dinner? Second Helpings”; both are available to purchase in all good bookshops and online at

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