8 Year Old Inspiration Daisy Ames To Open Major London Event On Allergies

From despair and dejection to achieving control; brave Daisy to open The Allergy & Free From Show sponsored by Udi’s Gluten Free, at Olympia London.

In May 2012, Laura Ames was living a parent’s nightmare. Her 6 year old daughter Daisy’s skin was covered in unbearably painful sores from head to toe, feeling constantly sick and totally drained of energy. Daisy was often sent home from school and solutions seemed desperately unattainable.

That year’s Allergy & Free From Show provided the setting for a conversation with charity Allergy UK, then Dr Robert Boyle (Consultant in Paediatric Allergy, St. Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust) which mercifully began the road to proper diagnosis and a degree of symptom control.

Daisy, now 8, was diagnosed at St Mary’s Hospital Paediatric Allergy Service with peanut, dairy, wheat, dust mite, cat and mould allergies; serious conditions that take extremely careful management to prevent excruciating consequences. 

Hythe (Kent) based Daisy is not the only child living with such challenging conditions; a staggering 50% of UK’s children develop one or more allergies before they are 18.

Alarming UK allergy increases, combined with a health system ill-equipped to cope, have contributed to a worrying culture of self-diagnosis, leaving millions vulnerable to bad advice.  In comparison to other nations, the provision of credible UK healthcare services has fallen way short of demand. Standards need to change; families living with allergies need better support.

The Allergy & Free From Show sponsored by Udi’s Gluten Free, is delighted to announce that Daisy will open the event on its second day, Saturday 5 July, at Olympia Grand, London.
On Daisy, Show Director Tom Treverton said:

“Daisy’s story highlights the devastating impact allergies are having on millions of children in the UK.  It is a travesty that families all over the country are enduring both the physical pain and equally concerning social isolation that comes with these conditions.  The fact that help is so hard to find is unacceptable.  Daisy is why our show exists; I was so thrilled to learn it played some part in the improved management of her allergies and it is an honour to have her open this year’s event.”

Daisy’s mum, Laura Ames, added:

“We are so proud of Daisy, who is very excited to open this event.  It’s been a difficult and often distressing journey regarding her allergies, which at times were totally taking over, causing her great pain and cruelly stopping her doing all the things kids should be doing.  For so long, we simply couldn’t get to the bottom of it, which was so upsetting for her and us.  Proper diagnosis has changed our world; the situation remains very challenging, but at least Daisy can now start to live her life again.  Too many families are going through this and not getting the diagnosis and management they desperately need!”

Daisy will open Europe’s biggest public-facing event for people with allergies and intolerances at Olympia Grand, London on Saturday 5 July at 10:30am.

Events                                    The Allergy & Free From Show sponsored by Udi’s Gluten Free
Dates                                     4 – 6 July 2014
Venue                                    Olympia Grand, London (W14 8UX)
Website                                 www.allergyshow.co.uk


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