Ocado Launches Paleo Diet Aisle

One-stop online Paleo shop
Paleo diet-friendly products delivered in handy one-hour slots
Inspiring recipes and simple, tasty meal ideas

Ocado, the online supermarket, has noticed a rise in Brits adopting the Paleo way of life and in response, have created a one-stop online shop, making it easier for followers of the diet to get all their Paleo essentials delivered right to their door in convenient one-hour slots.

The aisle consists only of foods accepted within the diet so shoppers can browse for inspiration and rest assured that all their choices will adhere to the Paleo guidelines.

The Paleo (Paleolithic) diet is a modern nutritional plan based on the presumed diet of the Paleolithic humans. Different to a weight-loss diet, the Paleo diet is a way of life created from the premise that modern humans are adapted to the diet of the Paleolithic period. The diet is about eating nature-made foods, not man-made foods, and consists mainly of fish, grass-fed pasture-raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and nuts.

Ocado has partnered with Paleo expert and author, Joy Skipper, to create an aisle which consists entirely of paleo-friendly foods. Skipper has recently launched her cookbook, The Paleo Diet Made Easy which is the second book in her Paleo series. The cookbook, along with all the ingredients to recreate the recipes at home, will be available to buy at ocado.com.

Joy Skipper said: “Switching to the Paleo way of eating is very simple and once you start to cut out the foods your body finds hard to recognise, you will hopefully feel a vitality and energy that ensures you don't want to go back to the way you were eating before.  The Paleo aisle is the perfect place to shop - everything you can eat in one place. With one-hour delivery slots, there’s no need to wait in all day to have your Paleo foods delivered - enjoy your day and know that great food is on its way to you, when you choose.”

The Paleo diet boasts a number of celebrity advocates including Uma Thurman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jason Statham, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Anniston, who have all chosen to adopt this lifestyle.


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