When the sun shines what nicer way to enjoy our limited summer than to invite friends and family round and provide an al fresco meal. Take the hassle out of making salad dressings by putting one of our new Demijohn Goccia Carousels on the table.

Featuring a trio of 100ml bottles, nestled together in a handmade cherrywood holder, this means your guests can choose which delicious oil or vinegar they will drizzle over their food. We have a selection of eight fruit vinegars, some very special Balsamic vinegars and seven oils to choose from to make up the Oil and Vinegar Carousel.

For any ‘foodie’ friend this makes the perfect gift and as well as tasting fantastic it looks so cool on the summer table.

Our favoured vinegar this month is Elderflower Vinegar as the Demijohn team has just completed their annual ‘elderflower pick’. Given the hundreds of litres Demijohn sells of this unusual fruit vinegar the producer simply can’t pick enough so the team closed the York shop for the day and headed to the Yorkshire hedgerows to pick up to 40 kilos of elderflowers in a day. The new season vinegar will be available in the shops in two weeks and given the warm spring will be the tastiest ever.

Demijohn’s oils are varied and always delicious – for a fresh salad choose one of our Mediterranean extra virgin olive oils such as Villa Montalbano from Tuscany or Sitia Olive Oil from Crete, or for a zing try one of our naturally flavoured Rapeseed Oils.

For that extra special summer gift add a personalised message for free. Let the summer begin…!


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