Get that Mexican Menu Vibe with Jarritos – Brand New to the UK!

Mexican cuisine is thriving in the UK, whether that is in the form of street food, dedicated Mexican restaurants or on the menu at the local pub. And, whilst diners are becoming more and more familiar with the cuisine, they have been left wanting when it comes to the drinks with which to accompany it. Thankfully, that is about to change with the arrival from Mexico of Jarritos Sodas. Designed to shake up your beverage menu and add some real, natural flavour to your soft drinks, Jarritos is the perfect accompaniment to a Mexican meal or to simply be enjoyed as a drink on its own.

Already the most popular soft drink in Mexico, with over 60 years’ experience, Jarritos knows exactly what makes customers tick and have thus developed their products to attract people of all ages. An excellent addition to your drinks menu, Jarritos sodas are made from 100% natural sugar in the heart of Mexico, giving them a truly authentic feel and are both low in sodium and cholesterol. They are also made with real fruit, making them a great alternative to high calorie soft drinks on the market.

Mark Walton, Director of Bloomsbury Drinks Limited, sole importers of Jarritos soda is excited by their introduction in to the UK market:
            “With the huge rise in popularity of Mexican cuisine over the last few years, customers are actively looking for authentic, natural drinks with which to accompany such vibrant, flavoursome meals and Jarritos is just the answer. Take the best-selling, Jarritos Lime Flavour Soda for example; as the perfect companion to any snack or meal packed full of flavour, the zingy sour flavour of the lime perfectly balanced with the natural sweet sugar cane and gloriously juicy citrus fragrance is the ideal complement.”
Refreshing, and with just the right amount of carbonation, Jarritos sodas are sure to be loved by both children and adults alike.

Available in 375ml traditional glass bottles, these natural soft drinks come in packs of 24 with two alternative flavours available - the vibrantly coloured zesty Mandarin and deliciously flavoured sweet Strawberry. Ideal for any establishment, especially those serving Mexican, or spicy food – Jarritos sodas are the ideal choice.

For further information please visit or call 01707 321321

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