The Food Education Trust Helps Improve The Social And Development Skills Of Vulnerable Children At Patchway Community College, Bristol

Helping children reach their potential is vital.  A donation for £2300 from The Food Education Trust ( has enabled a group of pupils at Patchway Community College, Bristol, enhance their social skills, improve their behavior and accomplish tasks through learning about food and how to cook.

The Social Skills and Intervention Group at Patchway Community College is largely comprised of hard to reach and vulnerable children, many of whom find it hard to interact and communicate with others. “Food education is about much more than learning how to cook” comments the Food Education Trust founder and award-winning author, Romilla Arber.  “So many other subjects come up when you talk about food; geography, history, environmental issues, politics, science, literature and maths; the opportunities are endless.”

The equipment provided by the Food Education Trust has assisted these pupils enormously.  It has aided their personal development by encouraging them to broaden their cookery skills in preparing a wider variety of dishes; this has helped to develop their confidence and self-beliefs.  The pupils within the Social Skills and Intervention Group at Patchway Community College participate in cookery lessons several times a week, and this experience is helping them to progress successfully through secondary education.

The Food Education Trust is an independent charity that provides vital support to many schools and educational establishments. It has equipped thousands of children and adults with essential cooking skills, teaching them how to create meals using real food.  The Food Education Trust delivers much needed support and advice where it is needed. The charity is funded entirely by sales of Romilla Arber’s cookery books “What’s for Dinner?” and the award-winning “What’s for Dinner? Second Helpings”; both are available to purchase in all good bookshops and online at



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