Bonne Maman - Pancake Day Perfection

Shrove Tuesday is almost upon us and this year it’s time to get creative with your crêpes! Why not try filling your pancakes with fresh strawberries or raspberries, a little clotted cream and drizzle with Bonne Maman’s delicious Confiture de Caramel - a tasty alternative to chocolate spreads or lemon and sugar and a sure winner with the children.

If you’re looking for a grown up twist to an age-old favourite - Bonne Maman the Seasonal Cookbook contains 88 delicious sweet and savoury recipes for every season; including the French classic ‘Almond Crêpes with Plums in Thyme and Blackcurrant Syrup’. This easy to follow recipe makes a wonderfully light dessert or sophisticated alternative to our much loved pancake tradition.

A top tip for using those empty Bonne Maman jars with their signature gingham lids is to use them as storage - great for decorative little sugar jars ready for sprinkling this pancake day!


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