Things are a changing.

For those of you, that is if anyone out there is, I might be flattering myself, follow my blog you might have noticed a few changes.

Over the past few months I have just been posting all news and press releases and not many recipes. Well the reason for this it that due to the fickle, or is that faecal, world of work I am being made redundant. But do not fear I have found another job.

The problem is that as I have been job hunting and now about to start a new job my time for my blog has somewhat been cut back.

As I am now going back to work in a real  kitchen as opposed to one where I have to think of daily amounts and how to make everything fit a price point. I will, have less time to do things like this. But I hope to keep up with the blog but only as and when I can. Soon I hope to have more recipes posted and not just the news stuff.

You never know I might end up posting more stuff than I have ever done before , life is strange like that. 


  1. Of course there are people out here. Well, I am anyway. I hope your new start goes well and I'm looking forward to see where your blog goes next.


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