Classic Greek Style Recipes From Theodore Kyriakou And Tims Dairy

New recipes from top London Chef

With the help of top London chef Theodore Kyriakou, traditional yogurt makers Tims Dairy is launching seven* new, delicious recipes that capture the essence of the flavours and aromas of the Aegean. "Inspired by my Greek heritage and passion for using the most authentic ingredients, I was delighted to discover the top quality Greek Style yogurts from Tims Dairy.

I have created a range of recipes which deliver different flavour bursts and truly highlight Greek Style yogurt's versatility as an alternative to cream. Herbs, the sun and the simple tastes of the land and the sea all motivated me when I created these new dishes which are both mouth-watering and easy to make for family meals" explains Theodore, who is planning to launch a new Greek restaurant in London.

Best known for launching Livebait and The Real Greek restaurants in London, Theodore has created these recipes for Tims Dairy to remind us what a healthy and versatile ingredient Greek style yogurt is. "The idea behind these recipes is to inspire home cooks and remind them how simple it is to cook great tasting dishes by the use of the wonderful, classic Greek Style yogurts from Tims Diary. One of my favourite flavour bursts is my recipe for Raspberry Yogurt and Herb Marinated Salmon Fillets - try it and be amazed at how brilliantly the flavours work together" continues Theodore. All of Theodore's recipes can be downloaded free from

Both Theodore and Tims Dairy share a strong Greek heritage with the Chilterns based family business having made great tasting Greek Style yogurts for over 60 years. "We pride ourselves on our skill and long standing tradition in making great tasting yoghurt and are delighted that Theodore has created such inspirational yet achievable recipes" explains Chris Timotheou, Managing Director of Tims Dairy.  Theodore grew up in a typical Greek household where yogurt was one of the main food ingredients and regularly uses yogurt in his recipes at home and in his restaurants.  "I love Tims Dairy Greek Style yogurt and think it is the best this side of the Aegean!" enthuses Theodore.

Tims Dairy's range of authentic Greek Style yogurts all support UK farmers as they are made with fresh British milk and cream combined with natural fruit compotes to create luxuriously tasty Greek Style yogurts which are free from artificial colours and flavours.

The Tims Dairy Greek Style yogurt range**,, is available from selected branches of Asda, Budgens, Waitrose, Whole Foods Market and independent retail outlets, farm shops and delicatessens.  It is also available online at Ocado. The range consists of Greek Style Natural Yogurt 200g (rrp 99p) and 500g (rrp £1.77), Greek Style Yogurt with Honey 175g (rrp 89p) and 450g (rrp £1.87), Greek Style Yogurt with Blackcurrants 175g (rrp 89p) and Greek Style Yogurt with Raspberries 175g (rrp 89p).


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