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Lovepickle is a new, innovative authentic Indian chilli tomato pickle bringing a taste of India to mealtimes.

This exciting, spicy chilli tomato pickle is handmade from the finest ingredients: ripe tomatoes, fresh chillies, garlic, ginger, mustard oil and seeds plus a selection of carefully selected quality herbs and spices.

Lovepickle is available in four strengths - Mild, Medium, Hot and Extra Hot. Mild is perfect served as a dip for those who prefer a gentle spice, while Medium offers a stronger, spiced flavour. Lovepickle Hot is deliciously tangy and perfect for adding an extra fiery flavour to meals while Extra Hot contains 50% more chillis and is ideal for those who enjoy a full-on spicy kick.

Lovepickle has a distinctive, rich flavour and tastes great served alongside Indian foods such as poppadoms and naan bread or as an accompaniment to main courses. It can also be eaten with a wide range of meals and dishes as a condiment and as an alternative to chutneys, relishes and ketchups. So whether you are making a curry or ordering a takeaway, Lovepickle will add a new dimension of flavour to your dish.

Michael Sohel, former Investment Bank Business Manager, created the range based on a family recipe to bring a unique, quality, Indian-style pickle to British mealtimes.

He says: "The great thing about Lovepickle is that it's so versatile - it can be eaten as a dip or be served as a condiment alongside Indian dishes. It tastes great with cheese and crackers, in sandwiches and with main courses such as meat and fish."

Lovepickle Mild, Medium, Hot and Extra Hot is priced at £2.95 per jar. The full range is available to purchase directly from the website and can be found in specialty food stores, delis as well as fine food shops and markets across the UK.

The product is made in the UK and does not contain any added colours, flavours or preservatives.

For more information, visit

Twitter: @Lovepickle_uk


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