Valentine's Day Vegetarians & Vegans Say Spread The Love To VegfestUK Virgins

It’s the 10th Anniversary of VegfestUK that started in an empty warehouse in Bristol on World Vegan Day 2003 and has now morphed into celebratory festivals of healthy eating, sustainability, ethical living, food, music and family fun in Brighton, Bristol and London.

Do you love your friends enough?
This year on Valentine’s Day vegans, vegetarians and other fans of VegfestUK are being urged to spread the love and encourage their VegfestUK Virgin friends to come to one of the festivals this year and discover the vibrancy, fun and fulfilling taste of a world without meat, fish and cheese.

Spread the Love
VegfestUK have gathered a whole selection of empowering, thought provoking videos, and photos  so that existing fans can be inspired to spread the love and encourage their friends to come.

Organiser Tim Barford from Yaoh, the healthy hemp food and hemp cosmetics company, says “our fans on Facebook and veggievision have helped us gather together an awesome selection of motivational photos and videos so there really is something to appeal to anyone.”

Time to Change
Time is running out for both our health and the health of the planet and there is now a earnest sense of urgency amongst those who have seen the latest statistics and who are motivated to try and do something about our apocalyptic path.

Good Enough To Eat
London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says “The real tragedy is that the solutions to alleviate heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia some of the easiest and simplest to put into place. These are often the same simple solutions that could save the planet too. It’s so frustrating thing is when people have been suffering, then find out how easy it is and then complain “Why did no one tell me about this until it was almost too late!””

The Launch of VegfestUK London takes place on February 14th For more information about VegFestUK events see the website


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