Riverford - Meat You Can Trust

Wondering what's in your sausage after the latest reports of horsemeat on supermarket shelves? If you'd rather keep surprises for birthdays then Riverford helps you know just where you stand with your food.

The organic delivery company takes ethical business and animal welfare very seriously, both on its own farms and in working with its partners - local and national. No stone is left unturned and all suppliers are checked regularly for quality and their commitment to animal welfare. Meat used in sausages, burgers mince and pies can be traced back to the small farm it came from, giving you peace of mind and no surprises.

Over the years, Riverford has been recognised for its dedication to high animal welfare and business standards. In 2011, it won Best Online Retailer at the Observer Ethical Business Awards and Best Independent Retailer in the RSPCA Good Business Awards. Last year, Riverford was awarded the Good Chicken, Good Egg, Good Dairy and Good Pig titles at the Compassion in World Farming Awards and also scooped prizes for its picnic range at the Soil Association Food Awards.

Beef and lamb comes from local family farms, many of whom also grow vegetables for Riverford's vegboxes. Chickens at Andy Hayllor's farm, next door to Riverford, are free to roam in fields of grass, clover and chicory and have a diet rich in nutrients but are never fed growth promoters, receive no routine antibiotics and have more space per bird, inside and out, than virtually all non-organic 'free range' birds. Most of Riverford's pigs come from Tom Browne of Smallbrook Farm near Exeter.

Tom has an outdoor herd of 100 sows and the pigs spend most of their time chasing each other around in the mud and through the grass and clover.

Guy Watson, Riverford Founder and BBC Farmer of the Year, said: "Riverford has always pursued the highest possible standards of ethical business and animal welfare, both on our own farms and with our network of partners. The alternative pursuit of cheap produce comes at a high cost to the animal, environment and as seen in the news recently, the consumer. Provenance and trust are greatly valued at Riverford. We take a long time developing relationships with our producers - it's not about ticking boxes or cutting corners. Our customers can rest assured that our products are marketed honestly and our animals live a fairer and happier life - tasting all the better for it."


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