My Secret Kitchen push the culinary boundaries again with their new launches

The new range of foods with a twist from My Secret Kitchen have now been launched and once more boundaries have been pushed.

From the garden to the hive, the new Secret Honeycomb Spices combine golden granules of bee pollen with dried honey, crushed honeycomb  and spices to create a bee-utifully unusual sweet seasoning that can transform your cooking and baking; it’s also great as a topping for granola, ice cream, yoghurt and cheesecake.

Moqueca Curry Paste has it’s roots in Brazil and is made with coconut, spices and authentic dende oil, for an intense but smooth flavour.  Inspired by the classic Moqueca de Peixe it’s perfect with fish and other meats, but when mixed with mayonnaise can also be used as a dip and dressing.

Hibiscus & Rose Nectar was created to add a flavoursome floral flair to many desserts and drinks. It’s a versatile intense syrup that can add magic  to so many dishes including panna cotta, red fruits and ice cream as well as savoury dishes such as lamb tagine and can also be used with white wine to great effect.

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