African Volcano Peri Peri Gets Spicy With The Brits

South African chef's marinade and sauce get a British chilli injection

African Volcano, a Great Taste award-winning, premium peri peri sauce and marinade that showcases the talents of chef, Grant Hawthorne, has just released the hot version.

Says Hawthorne: "Since launching the medium strength version in March last year, I've been refining the hot version, using Dorset Naga chillies from a small farm in Bedfordshire."
He says, as a chef-producer you look to support the small businesses that have a great product selection.
"The development of the marinade and sauce to have the same base flavour profile as the award-winning medium strength has been a great fun,"
Both the sauce and marinade contain four varieties of chillies: African birds eye; Scotch bonnet; Facing heaven and Dorset Naga. The marinade is vegan-friendly, whilst the sauce is suitable for pescatarians.
"Peri Peri is not just for chicken," says Hawthorne, "It can be used to enhance and complement prawns, pork, beef and vegetables - just about anything. People are starting to get adventurous and play with the flavours in a variety of dishes: Poached eggs to lentil burgers. Bloody Mary cocktails to oysters."
"I'm hoping to publish more recipes that incorporate both the sauce and marinade so that people can experiment with them at home."
A donation of 30 pence from every bottle sold supports the initiatives of Habitat for Humanity's Youth Build project in Cape Town.
Hawthorne's African Volcano stall at the Maltby Street food market in Bermondsey, London, every Saturday is a hit among foodies who can try a variety of peri peri-infused dishes like chicken prego rolls on homemade Portuguese bread, slow-roasted pulled pork on a peri peri bap and giant flame-grilled tiger prawns.
He says a milder and extra hot version of both the sauce and marinade is in the pipeline.

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