UK Toddlers, The Fussiest Eaters In Europe - Expert Commentary Available

The European Toddler Nutrition Index have revealed UK children under the age of five are Europe's fussiest eaters, with 26% refusing meals at least once a day. But is the root cause of picky eaters and unhealthy childhood diets to be found in baby food? 

A comparative taste test shows that even 'healthy' baby food can contain lots of naturally-occurring sugars from fruits, which helps your child develop a sweet tooth right from the off.  However if a child's palate is treated to different tastes from a young age, they're getting the very best start for a healthy and varied diet throughout childhood and beyond.

Leading organic baby food specialists, Plum UK ( which has built a whole business on making real food for babies (rather than traditional baby food) can offer an independent specialist (details below) from The Plum Foundation, a body of experts who work directly with Plum who are available to comment on this highly topical issue. 

Couple the growing concern of childhood obesity and rocketing rates of Type 2 Diabetes with the results of the Toddler Nutrition Index and it's no wonder the issue has attracted heightened levels of political attention in recent weeks and months. While major food companies are being challenged by Government to cut salt, sugar and calories from the nation's diet, it's home-grown companies like Plum which are - literally - trying to get the nation to form healthy eating habits from babyhood, rather than starting at the other end of the spectrum.

Expert spokesperson available for comment:

Sarah Almond is a Paediatric Dietician and Children's Nutritionist who says giving a wide variety of foods - and particularly savoury foods - right from when weaning begins at the age of three or four months is vital for bringing up children with a broad palate without the sweet tooth.  Her specialism in paediatric nutrition stemmed from an interest in helping children and their families to optimise their health. She has worked for the NHS in both large London teaching Hospitals and small community based NHS Trusts which has enabled her to gain a wealth of experience. 


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