New Concept Cookbook Offers Nutritional, Guilt-Free, High Fiber, Super Food Recipes That Are Fun, Fast And Easy

Under the project banner of Costa Cooking, Costa Blanca resident, Karla Darocas has recently released an international ebook called SUPER CAKES & LOAVES and vows to change the minds, hearts and eating habits of all who wish to better their health.

"I have enjoyed cooking for my new friends here in my adopted Spanish country, explains the Canadian author.

"Many of my friends ask me questions about my recipes especially my cakes and loaves because they are healthy and different. I wanted to develop and document my recipes so that I could create cookbooks that were guidebooks to healthy, alternative cooking with modern tools, which would help to change people's lives."

Karla's new concept cooking ebook is designed for people who care about their diet and nutrition. The Super Cakes and Loaves in Volume One are made with alternative ingredients that do not use refined ingredients but are high in fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals. They are also low in fat and sugar yet rich in texture and flavour. These recipes are easy, fun and fast to make. They are 100% GUILT-FREE and delicious!
Karla's ebook also has an extensive introduction filled with nutritional information and instructions to create your own Costa cakes. She adds that the type of people who should be interested in these recipes are the follows:

Diabetics who need to remove refined wheat and sugars from their diets.
Anyone who needs to increase their fiber in order to reduce their cholesterol, normalise bowel movements, lower risk of hemorrhoids, control blood sugar levels, and maintain a healthy weight.
People who need more plant-based protein in their bodies to help prevent osteoporosis and kidney disease.
Anyone who wishes to control their weight by declining their appetite while boosting their metabolism.
Anyone who needs a boost of B Vitamins for healthy brain and nerve cells and normal functioning skin, nerves and digestive system.
Anyone who wishes to boost their calcium for strong bones and teeth
Anyone who wishes to keep their body more alkaline, rather than acidic.
Anyone who needs more potassium to help reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.
Anyone who needs to boost their folate vitamin which helps to protect against heart disease and cancer.
Anyone who wishes to prevent bloating and water retention.
Anyone who wishes to add more bicarbonate of soda to their diet to help prevent intestinal fungus.
Karla Darocas is a Canadian-born and educated journalist, artist, entrepreneur and educator.
When she was 17 years of age, Karla started as a reporter at her regional newspaper. Her assignments were often to interview different types of health professionals from all sorts of disciplines in the health and healing world.

It was from these experiences that lead Karla to a passion for research in all the health fields. Over the past 30 years of interviews, reporting and discussions she has found that her accumulated knowledge has all lead to one universal truth... "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!"

Today, she is still involved in health related reporting and has been married to a Spanish national since 2001. Karla lives and works on the sunny Mediterranean shores of the Costa Blanca in Spain.

I am posting photos of Costa Cooking Cakes as they come in from Costa Cooking Fans around the globe on the website



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