Spoil Your Mum With Millie's This Mother's Day

Millie’s appreciates all the hard work mothers put in every year, and their Mother’s Day Iced Giant Cookies and Cookie Cupcakes are the perfect way to say thank you.

Heading up the new range is a floral twist on the classic Cookie Cupcake, with round cookie cupcakes coming topped with a delicate chocolate daisy design. They can be ordered as singles (starting at £1.25) or as a dozen in a heart-shaped box for £17.99. The Cookie Cupcakes are totally unique to Millie’s and based on their famous cookie dough. The cupcakes have a deliciously gooey centre, contain generous chunks of chocolate chips and are available in milk, white and double chocolate flavours.

Iced Giant Cookies can also be personalised for Mother’s Day, decorated with the design or message of your choice, making them a delicious alternative to the traditional Mother’s Day greetings card. Iced Giant Cookies are available from £13.79 with a gift box, and are made to order and ready within 40 minutes (at busier times this may vary).

As with all Millie's products, the new Mother's Day range will be baked fresh each morning, and will be available in store from 26th February.

To discover your nearest Millie’s Cookies store go to www.milliescookies.com


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