Devon's 'One Pot' Wonder

Christmas came early at South Devon Chilli Farm. This local chilli farm's 'One-Pot' chilli growing kit gained the position of 26th best selling item out of an astonishing 13 million products on Amazon in the 'Kitchen and Home' section.  South Devon Chilli Farm's larger growing kit was listed as fifty-eighth out of over 300,000 products in 'Gardens and Outdoors'.

The popularity of the 'One-Pot' highlights the UK's love of chillies and also the current trend and enthusiasm for growing things at present.  It is just the thing for potential chilli growers of the future.  The other great thing about the 'One-Pot' chilli growing kit is that it only costs a very reasonable £6.00 so makes a fun and unique gift.  They're likely to continue to be popular well into the New Year and throughout the Spring.

Commenting on the sales of the 'One-Pot' on Amazon, co-director and chilli expert at South Devon Chilli Farm, Steve Waters, says: "We've seen sales of this popular growing kit double compared to last Christmas.  We're amazed and thrilled to be positioned so high in such a competitive selection of gift items.  We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported us this year and wish everyone a happy New Year."

Chilli plants are very rewarding to grow, and now it's easy too, with South Devon Chilli Farm's new 'One-Pot' chilli growing kit.  Not only very ornamental, the chilli plant will also provide a supply of fresh chillies for the kitchen. The kit contains everything needed to grow a beautiful and productive chilli plant on a sunny windowsill - no pricking-out or transplanting, and no other items needed.

The easy-to-follow instructions lead you through from sowing to harvesting.  South Devon Chilli Farm has selected chilli varieties that grow well indoors and have included Chilli Focus liquid plant food to encourage strong growth and plenty of chillies.

The kit includes peat-free compost that can be rehydrated in seconds; it is a coir-based compost which is ideal for chilli seedlings, being very open and loose. The seeds are sown just below the surface and a propagator lid is provided to encourage quick germination and to retain moisture around the seeds (kit contents: 5 x 'Apache' chilli seeds to produce a 30cm plant with 3cm-long fruits turning green to red, with a medium heat; coir compost pellets (when rehydrated will make 1Ltr of compost); 1 x 100ml bottle of Chilli Focus Plant food; 1 x 1ltr plastic pot and saucer; 1 x clear plastic propagator lid; 1 x full instruction sheet). The kit also comes in a very attractive box that is a ready made gift.More seeds, growing equipment and plant maintenance products are available on the South Devon Chilli Farm website ( along with their range of award-winning sauces, preserves and chilli chocolates which are also widely available in delis and independent stores across the UK.


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