Weight Watchers News Story: A Nation of Jammy Dodgers Inspired by Great British Bake Off

Fad diets and the on-going curse of Dr Atkin’s legacy had threatened theUK’s Jam industry but experts believe that the Great British Bake-Off effectis set to bring Jam back to the nation’s tables in 2013.

A survey* released today by Weight Watchers® Jam reveals that women’s fearof carbs had contributed to a drop in Jam sales of 3% over the last 12months (AC Nielsen September 2011).

48% of women polled in the survey admitted to having banned bread and cakesentirely from their homes in the past 12 months with 60% citing a lack ofwillpower as the reason -leaving little to spread their jam on!

This figure was at its highest in Essex with 73% of those polled admittingto having banned all carbs from their homes. However supermarkets are nowseeing a change in shopper behaviours thanks to the resurgence of homebaking spurred on by popular shows such as The Great British Bake Off andMaster Chef.

Weight Watchers Jam is seeing a particular spike after the recentannouncement that NHS has named Weight Watchers as the best weightmanagement plan for those looking to slim.

Gerry Monkcom, Senior Brand Manager at Petty Wood, producers of WeightWatchers Jam comments: ‘the typical tea time occasion featuring jam wassteadily in decline but the category is now seeing a steady growth thanks toshows like GBBO introducing new shoppers and people getting more on boardwith the notion that a little bit of something fancy, won’t harm you as partof a sensible eating plan’.

The research goes on to highlight that the generation game seems to affectwomen’s attitudes towards ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods with over half (52%) of18-24 year olds having banned bread entirely from their homes compared to athird (33%) of women aged 55 and over.

*Survey conducted by OnePoll in October 2012, sample of 500 respondents WEIGHT WATCHERS on foods and beverages is the registered trademark of WWFoods, LLC and is used under licence.

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