Make Your Valentine's Day Smokin' Hot

Forget asparagus tips and oysters, the tastiest and finest aphrodisiac has to be hot smoked salmon from Chesil Smokery in Dorset - packed full of libido-enhancing Omega 3 to add a little passion to your Valentine's Day.

Salmon is an excellent source of protein and is full of Omega 3 which is proven to elevate levels of serotonin - the hormone which is directly linked to mood and libido.

Salmon from the award-winning Chesil Smokery in Dorset comes from the icy waters of the Shetlands, an area with some of the world's strongest tides which create constant currents for the salmon to swim against.  This makes the salmon fitter and leaner with less fat - Chesil Smokery salmon has a texture which is firm but tender on the bite and never flabby!

Available from in sliced, half and whole side packs - choose from Cold Smoked Salmon, Extra Smokey Cold-Smoked Salmon, Hot-Smoked Salmon and Gravadlax.

The full range of delicious smoked fish, meat and poultry from the Chesil Smokery is available from


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