Paul A Young Fine Chocolates' Valentine's 2013 Collection

The perfect Valentine's gift shows thought, which is why Valentine's at Paul a Young Fine Chocolates this year is all about selecting the right chocolates for the right person.

Is your man more of a hipster or a gentleman? Paul has created two perfect chocolates 'The Hipster' - Cocoa nib Bourbon tobacco sour and 'The London Gent'- black pepper and treacle caramel ganache truffle. Is your aim for Valentines Day to seduce? Try 'The Love potion' - jasmine flower, ylang-ylang, geranium, vanilla and lavender or for the more traditional romantics Rodda's Cornish Clotted Cream, champagne, rose and raspberry heart. Is your loved one more adventurous, how about the Ginger Pig black pudding truffle with ginger biscuit and beer?.

Using an exciting range of top quality ingredients, Paul has produced flavour combinations that create an extremely romantic Valentine's Day with a personally selected range of chocolates. There really is something to suit every taste with sparkle and glamour influencing the style of each hand decorated chocolate in the collection.

Paul's famously fudgy chocolate brownies have been given a sweet and sultry makeover for Valentine's with the addition of chipotle chilli, sea salt and a sugar crust. The Billionaires caramel shortbread will also feature an added touch of romance creating something sweet for someone sweet with a buttery and crumbly chocolate shortcake base, raspberry salted caramel layer and a sweet rose dark chocolate top with red heart decoration. Cooking a romantic meal for Valentine's? Paul has created the perfect finale - the sea salted caramel heart dome. Designed for sharing, the large dome is decorated in pinks, reds and whites and filled with Paul's famous salted caramel - recently named best in the world by the International Chocolate Awards - and topped with a solid chocolate heart decoration.

The full collection:

Truffles, ganaches and caramels -
Clotted cream, Champagne, rose and raspberry heart Chipotle chilli and honey truffle Black forest gateau truffle Moroccan spiced coffee Love potion - jasmine flower, ylang-ylang, geranium, vanilla and lavender The Hipster - Cocoa nib Bourbon tobacco sour The London gent - black pepper and treacle caramel ganache truffle. Smooth, well balanced and intense 'The rare tea company' Earl grey tea, orange and lemon curd. Indian Rose petal masala spiced truffle with sweet toasted coconut Ginger pig black pudding truffle with ginger biscuit and beer

1 choc £2, 4 piece box £7.00, 9 piece £15.50, 15 piece £26.00, 25 piece £40.00 & 42 piece £65.00

Mini heart chocolate box - mixed mini hearts in milk, white and dark chocolate - £9.95

Valentine Brownie - £5.50

Valentine Billionaires caramel shortbread - £3.95

Sea Salted Caramel heart dome - £4.50


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