Reaching Your Peak - Boost Your Health And Energy Is 2013

Feeling drained of energy? Not performing at your best? Very few people have high energy all of the time and when your energy levels dip it can have a huge impact on your health, happiness and performance. energiseYou, the UK's leading expert in health and energy, has a free online energy check.

The short questionnaire takes ten minutes to complete and has been designed to give individuals a health check so that they can improve their energy, happiness and performance. Everyone who completes the questionnaire will receive immediate feedback on areas they need to work on to boost their energy.

The energy check focuses on seven key habits for health, energy, happiness and performance. It is based on a simple approach to mind management and resilience, nutrition, exercise, sleep, re-energising staff, smart computer use and work-life balance. To access the new energiseYou energy check visit

Oliver Gray, author of ENERGISE YOU and Managing Director of energiseYou, says, "High levels of energy not only help us perform at our best but we generally feel happier and are more successful when we have more energy. However, very few of us are taking the right steps to maintain high energy all of the time and too many of us rely on caffeine and high energy drinks to give us that quick fix.

"There are very simple changes we can put in place to boost our health, energy, performance and happiness. But it is important to be realistic - don't try to make too many changes at once, you are only setting yourself up to fail. Focus on making healthy choices 80% of the time and allow yourself 20% of the time to be flexible with life."

6 tips to maintain high energy

Achieving optimum energy so that we perform at our best depends on creating the right habits.

1. Sleep - sleep well each night, so that each morning you start the day refreshed and energised

2. Stay hydrated - start the day with a 1½ - 2 litre bottle of water, finish it by the end of the day

3. "GRAZE NOT GORGE" - eat breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a mid-morning and mid afternoon snack

4. Activate your energy - at least 3 times a week aim to do 30-60 minutes of exercise in the morning

5. Watch the caffeine - keep caffeine drinks to a max of 2 per day

6. Relax - give yourself 20 minutes of "stop time" per day


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