UK’s Taste for Takeaway Diversifies

Farewell fish & chips, hello oxtail & enchiladas!  

As we enter 2013, the UK’s appetite for world food has hit record levels.
Online takeaway platform has found that as eating in
becomes the new eating out; the British public is becoming increasingly
adventurous in its tastes. 

The hungryhouse study into the eating habits of their customers revealed the
less traditional takeaways now make up 15% of total orders. Once barely
browsed Russian menus have become increasingly popular on the website, with
orders tripling since 2011. Orders for Mexican have almost doubled
nationwide, and in some areas such as London and Birmingham, there’s a
Caribbean craze cooking. Co-Founder Shane Lake said “Over the past year, we have
seen a significant rise in less traditional takeaway choices. We’re happy to
be able to provide smaller, niche restaurants a platform to be discovered,
and compete with larger, more established outlets”. 

Even though we stayed true to our ”Curry Nation” reputation, with Indian the
overall favourite for 2012, the sharp rise in orders of foods such as
Vietnamese, Sushi, Persian, Brazilian and African is a sure sign that people
are open to breaking their typical takeaway habits.

Other trends showed that London spends the most on takeaway, with North West
London flashing the most takeaway cash, spending around £22.22 per order,
and East London the least. Outside the capital, Cardiff spends the most on a
takeaway with an average order costing £18.56, and Leeds the least, around

Ordering on-the-go has also become increasingly popular, with 30% of all
hungryhouse orders now being made on mobile devices.  

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