Food Presentation Is All Wrapped Up

Designed by the same in-house team that creates Squires Kitchen’s popular cupcake cases, these new food-safe Decorative Food Wraps will bring instant style to cakes and bakes. Perfect for weddings, parties, picnics and gifts, the wraps are all you need to present your edible homemade treats.

Made from high-quality greaseproof paper that won’t go see-through when baked, Squires Kitchen’s 

Decorative Food Wraps are printed in a range of pretty polka-dot colours. Use them to wrap iced biscuits, cake slices or handmade truffles for beautiful gifts and even savoury foods such as chips, pastries and sandwiches for a great way to brighten up lunchboxes.

You can also use them for baking: they make a contemporary alternative to cupcake cases and loaf tin liners, whether you’re baking cupcakes, muffins or cakes. They make cute jam jar covers and colourful linings for gift bags and cupcake boxes, too.

Choose from pretty pastels such as Pale Lavender, Cameo Pink, Baby Blue and Pastel Green or bold brights including Apple Green, Lemon Yellow, Deep Pink and Flame Red. These shades have been designed to coordinate perfectly with the range of SK Polka Dot design cupcake cases – mix and match between both to create a stunning display of cakes and bakes to suit any occasion.

The decorative food wraps come in packs of 10 sheets at £2.99 and the Polka Dot design cupcake cases come in packs of 36 at £2.70.

Shop online 24 hours a day at or call the mail order department from Monday to Friday on 0845 61 71 810 or 01252 260 260.


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