Chilli, Popcorn And Brazil: 2013's Top UK Food Trends

Pickling, casual dining, doughnuts and food programmes were amongst the top food trends for 2012 but this year is all about popcorn, chilli and an awareness of allergies.

The top 6 food trends for 2013 have been revealed by My Secret Kitchen, a food and drink tasting company. Fads include creative cocktails, an increase in popularity of local meats, and a Brazilian influence.

Keep your eyes peeled for;

1. Chilli- different types of chilli are coming into fashion such as Guajillo, Ancho and Pasilla.

2. Popcorn- companies are experimenting with popcorn flavours. Examples include blue cheese, strawberry cheesecake and walnut.

3. Food free from allergies- the quality of 'allergy free' foods being offered has soared and they have become mainstream as opposed to a niche market.

4. Cocktails- more bizarre ingredients being used such as cardamom syrup, smoked ice cubes and vuzu bitter.

5. Local meat- an increase in the acceptance of pheasant, deer and rabbit.6. Brazil- the summer 2016 Olympics and 2014 FIFA World Cup will be held in Brazil, and as a result, the culture and its cuisine will infiltrate our plates this year.

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